Extract Intelligence from your Databases

Information makes the business world go round, but can you get to what you need to know when you need to know it?

Major organisations enjoy the benefits of large IT departments and sophisticated Business Intelligence tools. Many more are doing their best to extract meaningful information from a legacy of mixed databases using unwieldy reporting tools.

The majority of users just want easy to use tools on the desktop.

That’s why we designed SwiftQB.

SwiftQB uses Web technology to deliver easy to use, highly flexible Query, Reporting and Enquiry functions. SwiftQB lets you run queries against multiple and mixed databases, search out and select data in a straightforward way and present your reports online or hard copy in a wide range of formats.

If you use the Internet, you’ll find SwiftQB’s look and feel is familiar – no surprises there. Menus and screens can be customised for easy access to the information and reports you need regularly. There are helpful prompts and suggestions on data usage throughout.

Simple really.

We set out to develop a product that met the query and reporting needs of the many different customers we’ve met during our 26 years in the software business. SwiftQB has done just that – please see the links at right for background on the large and small companies, from government, transport and warehousing to mortgage brokers who really do have information at their fingertips.

SwiftQB - Intelligence at work