SwiftQB Overview

Looking for an easier way to access the data you need to keep up in a changing world? A flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional Business Intelligence tools that lets you take control of your reporting needs?

Here’s how SwiftQB can help:

Animated screen shots: Selecting data is very straightforward. Dynamic displays that change in line with your data. Dynamic links from your reports to the Web.

  • Straightforward data selection
  • Prompts and suggestions on data usage throughout
  • Dynamic displays that change in line with your data
  • Works against multiple databases in a single query - Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Progress, MSAccess – with a single output
  • Real-time and / or moment in time (snapshot) information
  • Optional Knowledge Base makes information even more accessible
  • Wide range of presentation formats and graphical output for maximum clarity
  • Output to email, ADOBE, spreadsheets, word processing and dynamic links from your reports to the Web
  • Designed for ease of use, minimising impact on your in house IT resources

And for the technically inclined:

  • Simple to use web interface designed with end users as well as IT staff in mind
  • Reduced footprint – server-side installation, minimum requirement on PC is web browser
  • WYSIWYG data modelling tool that allows databases to be represented as graphical relationship diagrams
  • Produces queries from multiple databases across different platforms and database providers
  • Allows writeback of data subject to user-defined rules and restrictions
  • WYSIWYG enquiry screen builder that allows a rich web front end application to be designed over the top of existing databases
  • Allows you to report on metadata within PDF, XML, Rich text and image files
  • In-built scheduler for automatic production and delivery of reports to users
  • Integration to Google maps to allow mash ups to be performed
SwiftQB - Intelligence at work